Spanish Benefits Translation

Are your Spanish-speaking participants getting the message?

If your population contains a large proportion of people whose primary language is Spanish, you need to make sure they can understand their benefit plans. offers translation services for both print and web-communications. We work closely with a trusted professional translator who is experienced in translating health and pension benefit plan terminology. After a first draft has been completed, to ensure the accurate rendering of complex plan language into readable Spanish, a native speaker reviews and edits the translation for understandability and idiomatic accuracy. The client dictates the scope of the translation, which can range from individual pages to entire plan documents. Our proprietary content management system enables us to integrate Spanish material quickly and easily into subsections of the plan website (or an entire parallel site), and also seamlessly update the Spanish version as changes are made to the primary site.

Types of Documents

  • Plan Documents
  • Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs)
  • SMMs and Plan Amendments
  • Benefit Summaries
  • Fillable Forms
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Newsletters, Announcements, and Other Communications
  • And More!