Social Networking/Media

Social Networking and Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube are quickly becoming the primary means of communication among internet users. Their power is such that major corporations have launched effective marketing campaigns using only these social media sites to convey and gather information.

From small coffee shops to large corporations, everyone is turning to social networking and media sites to beef up their web presence and to get the word out on their product. Your participants are using it – you should, too.

Your Trust Fund’s web presence can also be increased by integrating these technologies into your website, enabling you to communicate with your participants using current technology. can help. We can integrate popular social media into your existing website, giving you the ability to quickly update Plan information, making it available to participants in their media of choice. An important Plan communication, for example, could be posted not just to your website’s home page, but also Tweeted and added to a Facebook news feed – and many people frequently check these websites on their mobile phones, increasing content accessibility.

Social media is no longer optional for your organization.