Phones With Benefits – Mobile Apps

Phones with benefits: Smartphones/tablets are a "must have" technology. Your Plan will benefit by accommodating participants who rely on these devices as their primary sources for news and information.

Participants get the instant access they want and the Plan will save on communication costs.

How do you quickly, clearly, and effectively communicate changes in provider networks and deductible rates or copays to participants? And provide "on-the-go" access to their work history, and balances for vacation, annuity, and pension?

Email, web, and paper notices are commonly used as part of a communications strategy — but consider adding mobile technology to your communications toolbox. The use of mobile applications has expanded at a phenomenal rate and is the preferred technology of your participant population.

Connecting participants to their information in a timely manner is an ongoing challenge. If you currently have a benefits website, our mobile applications augment your site by adding participant access to those website elements they might need while away from their computers. If you don't have a website, a mobile application is a great start in getting your participants connected. Using a mobile app, participants with smartphones or tablets can access information at their own convenience. We have the tech; you have the data; let's hook your participants up using the technology that is now universal.