Grievance Tracking Portal

The Grievance Tracking Portal consolidates grievance reports, related documents, and notes, organizing them into an easy-to-use online, paperless - but print capable - online system that helps administrators keep an eye on deadlines, access important dates and documents with ease, as well as send and track case-specific communication.

With the Portal, business agents in charge of grievances can:

  • View an overview of open and closed grievances, with activity dates, deadlines, and other important information available at a glance.
  • Edit/update detailed case information.
  • Receive notices about the next action for a case and its due date, with handy reminders in the overview and case files.
  • Open a new grievance online, with all the information needed
  • Close old grievances, which will remain accessible, details and all, online.
  • Search grievances, whether they're open or closed.
  • Upload documents and attach them to case files for easy reference alongside electronically entered documents.
  • Electronically correspond with the case's involved parties.
  • Keep track of which documents have been filed and when they were uploaded or last updated.
  • Add/edit Field Reports online.
  • Add/edit Meeting Notes online.
  • Add/edit general additional notes to a case online that may not fit in another category.

Business agents will save time and keep track of records more easily by using the Portal. The ability to have all pertinent details in a searchable paperless format at their disposal, along with features like deadline/next-action reminders and built-in electronic communication, will allow them to manage cases more effectively.