Employer Remittances Online

Paper employer remittances are costly and time-consuming for both Employers and Administrators. They are also fraught with the potential to introduce errors into the health plan eligibility and pension accruals of participants. Electronic reporting with electronic funds transfer is an obvious way to increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and decrease costs. Using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), the administrator quickly receives monies owed. All information captured in the remittance is immediately available to the appropriate parties.

Features and Functions

Standard Features

  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Social Security Validation
  • Rate Validation
  • Email Due Date Alerts
  • Pend and Resume Function for Remittance Entry
  • Historical Contribution Lookup

Employer Functions

  • View own Historical Remittances
  • View own Account Information
  • Enter a Remittance
  • Pay Remittance via EFT
  • View Contribution Rates
  • Contact Trust Fund Office
  • Update Account Info

Administstratative Functions

  • View Remittances
  • View Participant/Member History
  • View/Update Contribution Rates
  • Delete or Pend a Remittance
  • Create or Update an Employer Account
  • Show Recent Activity
  • Download EFT
  • Comprehensive and flexible reporting