Benefits Website

Content Architecture

At we translate complex plan language into plain English as part of the process of deploying a comprehensive and usable benefits website for your participants. Clarity in communicating benefits comes by design. Using the greater versatility of the web as a communications medium, has pioneered an effective information architecture that communicates clearly but at the same time preserves the carefully crafted plan language, caveats, and disclaimers necessary for the legal protection of the trust fund.

The benefits website is the centerpiece of the benefit plan's communication strategy. Issues of cost, ease-of-use, accessibility, consistency and effectiveness are best addressed by developing a plan that considers the Web the primary means of communicating with participants., Inc. provides analysis, content, content management, and optional hosting for the plan's primary web site.

Create a Robust Informational Site

Developing a robust static informational site is the first step in making maximum use of electronic communications potential. Your site should have: Plan summaries & details, forms, FAQs, links, LifeEvents, and General Info.

Summaries and Details

We build your website around a high-level benefit overview (our BenefitTabs™) permitting the participant to drill-down via links into the online Summary Plan Description and, if appropriate into the online Plan Document itself. The online SPDs and Plan Documents are HTML formatted, indexed for instant access, and equipped with navigational buttons for random browsing.


All of the plan's forms are made accessible online in PDF format. These forms can be filled out online and printed, or, preferably, submitted online with a digital signature. The forms section of the website also contains brochures, notices, and all of the miscellaneous communications that were traditionally printed and mailed.


Considerable attention is given to developing a comprehensive set of Frequently Asked Questions, so the administrative office can spend its time answering the tricky ones.


An extensive set of internal and external links helps participants to understand and use their benefits.

Life Events

Information is also organized according to the various life events that participants may experience. These pages permit the participant to understand his benefits and what must be done, vis-Ă -vis the plans, provide helpful outside resources, and alert the participant to general points of concern from a financial planning perspective.

General Info

Naturally, the benefits website makes contact and general trust fund information readily accessible, and highlights plan news and announcements. Plan news headlines are presented on the front page with links to full articles.


The effective website contains an index, search function, and quick links to facilitate the participant's access along with a printer friendly function and the ability to email a page.