Benefits Communication Consulting

The regulations governing information dispersal for multiemployer trusts are complex and demanding.

Technology has conditioned us to expect information on demand, 24/7, 365 days a year. If we have a burning question about our retirement benefits at any moment, we expect to be able to find the answer online.

To deliver accurate information at the speed of expectations requires more than great web designers.

It requires a TEAM of Information Architects. designs solely for the multiemployer trust.

We have been on the cutting edge of providing multiemployer trust information systems since 1999. Our powerful software reduces costs and implementation time. While a non-specialist web designer might easily swallow trust resources (for instance: billable hours with the trust attorneys), our specialization insures that the time and effort required by the fund's staff and professional advisors to develop and launch your participant website be held to a minimum.

Your participant website is more than an online brochure or even simply an online version of plan documents. It uses the power of the internet to be a fully functional interactive resource for your participants.